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"Giving Back"
Meet Seymour Krebs


After undergoing a triple bypass surgery 16 years prior, Seymour Krebs of Boynton Beach was hesitant to undergo another cardiac operation. The retired Director of Operations for a New Jersey Postal facility was apprehensive of the long recovery that can come after an open-heart surgery. It took a wake-up call from his cardiologist, Janus L. Styperek, M.D. to help him decide that an aortic valve replacement was his only option.

After a successful operation by Bethesda Heart Hospital cardiovascular surgeons Michael J. Carmichael, M.D. and Samantha E. Kwon, M.D., Mr. Krebs spent two weeks recovering in the hospital. He then continued his recovery and rehabilitation at home. In just one week, he took his first walk with the help of a therapist. Shortly after, he was well enough to begin attending the Cardiac Rehabilitation program at Bethesda Health City, which he continued for the next three months. Now, three years later and 81 years old, Mr. Krebs goes to the gym five times a week, walking on the treadmill and doing some weight training.

Mr. Krebs credits his recovery to the excellent care by the staff of the Bethesda Heart Hospital. “There’s a difference between just doing your job and actually caring for your patients, and that made a world of difference for me,” he said.

While he admits that he is not someone who usually volunteers his time, he wanted to give back to Bethesda after his experience in appreciation of the staff that aided him during his recovery. Now, Mr. Krebs regularly visits with patients in the Bethesda Heart Hospital who are about to have bypass surgery or aortic valve replacement surgeries. He answers any questions they might have based on his experience. He said, “I didn’t need any training because I’ve been through it.” He helps patients by giving them an honest account of what will happen before and after surgery, the recovery process, and the importance of rehab. 

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