Bethesda Heart Hospital

Bethesda Heart Hospital

Bethesda Heart Hospital's first use of new device for Arrythmia with Biotronik’s new INTICA – CRT

June 16, 2017


(Boynton Beach, FL) Doctors and staff are celebrating Bethesda Heart Hospital’s success with the first implantable device for Arrythmia with Biotronik’s new INTICA–CRT -- the first in South Florida.

Electrophysiology cardiologist Yoel Vivas, M.D., led the team today at Bethesda Heart Hospital for the first successful implantation of the INTICA for Cardiac Resynchronization Therapy (CRT).

CRT is used to treat the symptoms and complications associated with certain types of heart failure. It helps the pumping chambers to beat in a coordinated manner so that the heart works properly. By improving blood flow, CRT may reduce heart failure symptoms, improving patients’ quality of life and reducing mortality.

This INTICA device only has two leads, resulting in the procedure being performed in less time with less anesthesia, less risk of infection, and patients can go home within 24 hours.

Pictured above: Scott Classen, Executive Director – Bethesda Heart Hospital, Gina Gardino, RN, anethesiologist Daniel Sullivan, D.O., Wayne Foster, RN, electrophysiology cardiologist Yoel Vivas, M.D., Patricia Brien, RN and Thurston Pottinger, RN, who was Bethesda's 2016 nurse of the year.

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